Salary hosting

Salary hosting

The Business Harbour provides a flexible and innovative solution for consultants and companies looking for expertise.

Our services

We have the Geneva Cantonal Employment Office and State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) authorisations to practice salary hosting via our company, Swiss Labour Contractors. These authorisations are a necessary mark of quality and expertise in salary hosting.

Salary hosting allows the independent consultant to become an “employed consultant” with all the advantages of being an employee and the liberty of being a consultant. We manage all the administration and accounting related to your independent activity: billing, VAT, professional insurances, AVS, etc.

As a company, you have the expert consultant for the time you need and we look after the administrative side.

An elegant solution giving the best of both worlds to consultants and contracting companies.

For whom?

As a company

  • A company looking for consultant expertise without wishing to engage an employee
  • Short term project work
  • Company with limited HR experience
  • New or start-up company
  • Company/group with no legal entity in Switzerland

As a contractor

  • Entrepreneur starting up
  • Consultant
  • An active retired person who is requested to perform mandates
  • Employee wishing to have additional independent activity
  • Self-employed wishing to secure employee status
  • A lone or team worker in a temporary project
  • Job seeker
  • Spouse of an expatriate working in Switzerland
  • Temporary work

Your advantages

As a contracting company:

  • On demand consultant expertise
  • A single invoice to settle each month, no further administration

As a consultant:

  • The liberty of being a consultant with the advantages of being an employee
  • You are eligible for all social insurance benefits: pension, accident, unemployment, loss of salary insurance
  • No further administrative worries, we do it all for you

How does it work?

Salary hosting is a partnership between 3 parties:

  • Between the consultant and Swiss Labour Contractors

The consultant becomes an employed consultant with an employment contract and all the advantages.

  • Between the consultant and the contracting company

The consultant is responsible for the work to be provided to the contracting company. The consultant finds the clients and negotiates the fees.

  • Between the contracting company and Swiss Labour Contractors

Swiss Labour Contractors and the contracting company are bound by a service contract detailing who is the consultant who will do the work, the time period and the tariffs. Swiss Labour Contractors will invoice the contracting company for the consultant’s work and then pay his or her salary.

Watch this short video and learn more on salary hosting:

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