For Companies

Are you a Company or an Organization?

Are you looking for an easy, quick and fully compliant solution to contract off-payroll expertise?
Perhaps during hiring freezes or restructuring or for peak period, project-based work, you would like to have more flexibility?

Are you a:

  • Company looking for expertise without wishing to hire an employee
  • Project Manager looking for specialized experts for limited time periods
  • Company with limited HR or payroll experience
  • New or a start-up company
  • NGO
  • Company or a group with no legal entity in Switzerland
  • Company willing to retain employees of retirement age more cost effectively
  • Company with headcount restrictions?

Or perhaps you think you may have a different situation that could benefit from salary hosting? The next lines will allow you to see how this solution could apply to you.

Recruiting: an exciting opportunity

Recruiting is an exciting opportunity for a company. A new talent will join and strengthen your team and you will optimise your resources.

However, when time is short, resources lacking or headcount is limited, the onboarding of such talent may prove taxing, especially if your talent is hired for a short-time period. If you work in a small to medium company, the experience may be even more painful.

Salary hosting allows you to find the expert you wish to work with and delegate all the administration and payroll tasks to someone else.

Your advantages

  • On demand consultant expertise
  • We provide government-approved contracts in English or French
  • A single invoice to settle each month
  • We take care of the onboarding and off-boarding work

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