When Google changes your business… From salary hosting to the fine wine business 🙂

Especially since the Covid outbreak, we’ve seen tons of posts praising automation and digitization. But there are moments when technology creates a bit of confusion.

If you google “The Business Harbour”, then the results show you, amongst other pertinent information, a nice map of where we are located. So far so good…

… Except that the picture of the building suggests that we are in the wine business instead of Human Resources, Salary Hosting, Payrolling or Wage portage:


There is a logical explanation to this. When the Google camera recorded our location, a branded truck was passing by our office 🙂

Now let’s see and hope that Google has an equally efficient process to correct this misrepresentation. In the meantime, well, no issue! We do like wine and we have our own bottles of excellent Swiss wine under “The Business Harbour” label !

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