Our response to COVID-19

During this unprecedented time, The Business Harbour has been following the recommendations and decisions made by the Swiss government and relevant health authorities to protect our Customers, Team Members and Business Partners. Our top priorities are to ensure the...

Raise the retirement age?

Raise the retirement age? Perhaps, but not if employees are made redundant when they turn 50 years old. Bilan points out the inconsistency that we are living with. The good news? Salary hosting DOES allow these people to stay active. [Article in French]

“La personne de confiance”: Conflict in the workplace can occur.

“La personne de confiance”: Conflict in the workplace can occur. But knowing how to deal with it and what responsibilities all parties have is indispensable. On September 14, Sophie Schindler, President at the Geneva employment tribunal, with extensive experience as...

Curiosity killed the cat

“Curiosity killed the cat”: an article on HR and their challenges written by Pamela Grant




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