Chantal Loze – Consultant

Over the span of almost three years, I have worked for two biotech start-ups facilitated through The Business Harbour. Salary hosting is an ideal solution as it has offered me the flexibility and the structure that I required. I would highly recommend this solution, which gives both a good framework to employees and also provides small companies with key competences they may lack in-house.
It has been a pleasure to work with and feel the support of a highly professional team, always very helpful and available whenever I needed them. With The Business Harbour, consultants are treated not as just a “number”, but much more on a personal level working with a team who accompany us during our consulting journey.

Kaspar von Hammerstein – Consultant

I had the opportunity to work with The Business Harbour several times that stretched over a period of several years. I have been completely satisfied with our collaboration. The friendly and proactive team supported me in all my various actions. I can only recommend The Business Harbour to anyone looking for an innovative and flexible way of working.

Jean-Paul Forget – Consultant

“I recommend The Business Harbour to anyone who is looking for a solid, secure, Swiss, dedicated salary hosting service partner”

I had the opportunity to work for a company in Lausanne as a consultant. However, I did not want to work as a freelancer, so I started looking for a solution. I had no clue about salary hosting.

The Business Harbour has been very pro-active from day 1, providing me with simulations and giving me specific answers for my particular situation as a Geneva resident. They were particularly smart and sharp in addressing the legal and tax aspects. I started my assignment with my client the next day, and the administrative part was all handled by The Business Harbour.

I’m totally comfortable as I get all the paperwork taken care of as well as on-time payments of my salary, together with an excellent support service. I’m delighted with their service and I recommend The Business Harbour to anyone who is looking for a solid, secure, Swiss, dedicated salary hosting service partner.

Yaron Bartov – CFO, GuardiCore

It was pleasure working with your team.
I was impressed by the professionalism and efficiency and I’m confident that we will seek your help in any future activities we may have in Switzerland.

Ayushi Agnihotri – Consultant

I have a full time, permanent position with an NGO now. All thanks to the ability of The Business Harbour’s wonderful team to support me in undertaking consulting work with them. I am going to send many other people your way.

John Winn – Consultant

The Business Harbour provided me with an excellent service and continued support throughout the year. I am able to do what I need to do, happy in the knowledge your team is there to back me up and help me when I need it. I look forward to continuing to work with you this year and beyond.

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