It’s been a real pleasure working with The Business Harbour. Our exchanges have always been lovely. The team is extremely reactive and has always been able to answer my questions. I strongly recommend The Business Harbour to any person looking for a professional and reliable salary hosting firm.
Julie Gosnet - March 2022
Given the complexities of working as a consultant in Switzerland as a foreigner, The Business Harbour has been instrumental in facilitating both my legal and administrative needs, saving me the time and worry of having to manage this directly. The Business Harbour was also extremely helpful in advising me on the legalities of working as a consultant for the UN, and other international and Swiss organizations, to ensure that I could remain on a C permit, and were happy to communicate with these organizations on my behalf, no matter how time-consuming. If you are looking for a personalized and professional service, I can highly recommend the Business Harbour.
Teri Roberts - Consultant, December 2021
The Business Harbour has been instrumental in the setting-up of our legal entity in Switzerland, first by hiring me through salary hosting as the Country Manager for the company, then facilitating the legal work with one of their trusted partners and ensuring the payroll for the newly created entity in Switzerland. The Business Harbour has always demonstrated agility, flexibility and “can do” attitude to find the best solution for my company and for me, personally, with the right attention to the quality and cost of the service required. I would strongly recommend Business Harbour as a business partner. My gratitude to the team for being so welcoming, and attentive to human and professional aspects.
Giuseppe Martelli November 2021
The Business Harbour offers a top-level service in terms of professionalism and reliability. A great blend of expertise and reactivity, with a nice human touch on the top. Highly recommended!
Fabrice Consultant - octobre 2021
I am grateful to The Business Harbour Team for offering me the possibility to work as freelance. I have now transitioned into full employee with my client company. Thank you to the Team for the constant availability and care.
Sandra Sancho Senior Event Producer - octobre 2021
Beyond its first-class service, what I particularly appreciated from The Business Harbour is the personal help and touch.
Matthias Holmberg Business Development Manager - juillet 2021
Amid the Covid-19 crisis, The Business Harbour helped me carrying out an assignment while maintaining an employee status. A real springboard that allowed me to join the company as a full employee afterwards. The Business Harbour has a fluid and caring communication; the team is positive and responsive, whilst providing a personalized support. I recommend The Business Harbour without hesitation.
Ex-freelance accompagné par The Business Harbour
In the past, I'd had the opportunity to work with a Lausanne-based company as a consultant. As I didn't want to be a freelancer, I looked for an alternative. I didn't know anything about freelance administration at the time. From day one, The Business Harbour was proactive, providing me with simulations and precise answers about my personal situation. The team dealt with the various legal and tax issues in a particularly well-informed way. They took care of all the paperwork, and I was able to start the contract with my client the next day. As well as managing my administrative work and paying my salary on time, The Business Harbour provides me with an excellent service. I am very happy with this partner and would recommend The Business Harbour to anyone looking for a dedicated, solid and reliable Swiss freelance administration company.
Jean-Paul Forget Consultant
Over a period of almost three years, I worked for two biotech start-ups through The Business Harbour. Freelance administration is ideal because it offers all the flexibility that this type of structure requires. I really recommend this solution, which gives employees a solid framework and, at the same time, makes available key skills that small companies don't always have in-house. It was a pleasure to feel supported by a professional team who were always very helpful and to whom I could turn at different times in my life as an employee. With The Business Harbour, the consultant is more than just a number, and the human side of the team is with us throughout the whole adventure.
Chantal Loze Consultante
I have worked with The Business Harbour on several occasions over a period of several years. I was completely satisfied with my collaboration. As well as being friendly, the team is proactive and has supported me perfectly in all my endeavours. I can only recommend them to anyone looking for an innovative and flexible way of working.
Kaspar von Hammerstein Consultant
It was a pleasure working with your team; I was impressed by your professionalism and efficiency. If we were to do business in Switzerland again in the future, we would definitely call on your services.
Yaron Bartov CFO, GuardiCore
I had the opportunity to work for an NGO as a consultant using the services of The Business Harbour. Thanks to the support of their wonderful team, I am now lucky enough to have a 100% permanent contract with the same organisation. I would be delighted to recommend you.
Ayushi Agnihotri Consultante
The Business Harbour has provided me with excellent service and constant support throughout the year. I can concentrate on what I need to do, safe in the knowledge that your team is there when I need them. I look forward to continuing to work with you this year and beyond.
John Winn Consultant

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