A novel approach in Switzerland

We are pioneers

The Business Harbour has been offering payrolling services in Switzerland for over 10 years.

Through contact with our consultants and client companies, we have found that our vision of promoting agile working does not stop at administrative services.

Our mission

We support consultants and companies in their agile approach to work by offering a unique solution which combines salary hosting, transition advice and exclusive training.

We focus our training on tools and techniques to successfully navigate an uncertain world.

Our difference

Our conversations with you are exclusive, confidential and of executive level. Our Team has proven experience in a variety of business fields.

This « All-In » approach is highly appreciated by our 
« hosted » employees and our client companies, who are able to discuss both highly technical questions and managerial challenges with the same person.


Our 2 piers to serve you better when you arrive in port.

The integrated solution for a confident journey

Accomplished consultants or in career transition preparing for the future through mandates, we strive to ensure your operational base through salary hosting and to bring you the tools and techniques to maneuver in the waters of agile work.

Your home port to expand your crew

We strive to contribute to your success and operational flexibility by hiring resources on your behalf through salary hosting.

Our expertise

Work in total flexibility

Work in total flexibility

Exclusive support in career transitions

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