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Our mission is to contribute to your success by making resources and solutions available to you in an agile way


Career Transition

Company seminars & training

Our Payrolling offer

Our mission is to contribute to your success by making resources and solutions available to you in an agile way


We help you negociate and establish the contracts with your consultants, we advise you on remuneration levels


We help you select the right resource when you have a doubt between candidates


Thanks to our broad international and local experience, in a variety of industry sectors and at all levels, we interact in a highly efficient way with you and your consultants


We provide personalized solutions to your administrative questions (e.g. social insurances, pension fund etc. ) in Switzerland

Your privileged interlocutors

Wanda Swetzer

Managing Director


Michael Bender

Managing partner


Nancy Ungarelli

Associate, Client & Employee Relationships

Cristina Burcus

Accounting and Operations Manager

Our Transition management services

We take care of your managers in career transition

You would like to offer a high-end transition support to your top managers who are leaving your company?

Our innovative approach will help them

You would like to still benefit of their competences whilst helping them transition as independent consultants?

We are there for you and for them

Your privileged interlocutor

Marco Mancesti

Business Development Director

Our In-Company seminars

Top targeted themes for a maximum impact on your performance

Strategy and critical decisions in a VUCA world

In a highly volatile landscape, how to read the complexity of the context, simulate scenarios, visualize the impact of a new strategy, make critical decisions, implement them whilst managing risks?

The art of delegation

Delegation is a crucial element of management cycle. How to make it a virtuous cycle that brings value and agility to your entire organization?

Stakeholders management

The stakeholders, your company board, your partners, suppliers, competitors and many other entities, are all part of your «playing field» and make your mission either easier or more difficult. How to interact with them, how to make them help you?

Or… Custom!

We create custom learning & development offerings according to your specific challenges, either short ad-hoc sessions or longer seminars, either on-line, presential or hybrid. We fit your needs.

Your privileged interlocutor

Marco Mancesti

Business Development Director


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Are you a:

  • Company looking for expertise without wishing to hire an employee
  • Project Manager looking for specialized experts for limited time periods
  • Company with limited HR or payroll experience
  • New or a start-up company
  • NGO
  • Company or a group with no legal entity in Switzerland
  • Company willing to retain employees of retirement age more cost effectively
  • Company with headcount restrictions?


Or perhaps you think you may have a different situation that could benefit from salary hosting? The next lines will allow you to see how this solution could apply to you.