Our social responsability

Since its origins in 1999, social responsibility has been part of the company’s values, initially in the form of support for various artists and also, more recently, through the Label 1+ for all.

Label 1+ for all

Artistic Patronage

Label 1+ for all

By adhering to the 1+ for all charter, The Business Harbour’s long-standing commitment to a sustainable development of the labor market is recognized by the competent authorities.

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Launched in 2012, the label was reviewed in 2020 in the context of the pandemic to encourage companies in the canton of Geneva to recruit, with equal skills, candidates registered with the unemployment office (OCE).

Other labeled companies

Many companies in the canton of Geneva have subscribed to this label. Do not hesitate to discover them on the OCE website.

Artistic Patronage

We are committed to supporting various artists in the field of painting by making the walls of our premises available to them for temporary exhibitions.

Currently: Jo Gundry

 Jo Gundry’s Painting Machine

The Business Harbour also supports artists. We are delighted to announce Jo Gundry’s exhibition, “Painting Machine”. The context of COVID-19 prompted us to create a virtual and interactive exhibition for the first time.

Discover the fascinating world of a revolutionary artist through your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

The virtual tour features a great selection of Jo Gundry’s paintings, a movie theater and fun activities to immerse yourself in his world while exploring it with your family.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy exploring!

20 years of exhibitions

Discover some of the most remarkable artists who have benefited from our walls to exhibit their creations over the past 20 years:

Jo Gundry, Painting Machine

Marissa Gonzales, Equipoise

Chang Ting-Hao & Michael Merne

Steph Fonteyn

Anne-Françoise Potterat

Marc Philippin, LIFE – Painting with code

Paola Poroli, Petals, Fins & Feathers

Françoise Corboz, Travel

Miglena Savova

Your privileged interlocutor

Peta Papas